This is how to say thank you in Thai Khob-Khun-Ka Well done Lucie

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thank you in thai

thank you in thai  Buy Thai thank you by tphumiruk as a Greeting Card  How to say “Thank you ” in Thai How to speak “Thank you ” in Thai thai basic thai language for

Thank you to all of you who continue to support and love me It means a lot Iklan Nene is one of the most precious people I've met She I am sure you knowin Thai Did you know how to say THANK YOU FOR in both

khàawp Khun is one of the most common words to say thank you However, if you are male, add kráp , and if you are a female, add “Kha” at You only have to remember the words for 'I' (female: ดิฉันmale: ผม) and the polite word 'female: ค่ะmale: ครับ' Most other words will

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